An overview of automazioni Rimini

Kit automazioni Rimini draws its origins from a family business began in the 70s and presents itself as an exemplary company to pick and resale high-quality automation products. They select and sell the best products of this Italian production of actuators, control components, and accessories such as the automation of doors, gates and doors, chain lifts, and parking barriers. Their focus is particularly concentrated on DIY fans, who have the chance to save a lot of money by installing our kits themselves, always easy to build and finish with very clear and comprehensive specific instructions.

You’ll also find robust hydraulic parking bollards in automizioni Rimini. They let reserving parking or preventing passage on private or booked roads. Complete with formwork, removable structure, tube, hydraulic cylinder, integrated hydraulic control unit, light mind, and box with clamps. Order your do-it-yourself kit automation on the internet; you can count on a critical business working since the 70s, which produces its automation internally.

Inputs for photocells and safety advantages, electro-lock management, water hammer, engine inversion, reclosing time adjustment, phase shift time adjustment between both leaves, integrated radio module 433.92 Mhz, It is likely to first order the foundation boxes for your INVISIBLE system preparation for automazione cancelli rimini with underground equipment motors for single or double leaf gates, In this way, it is possible to prepare a system in which the underground equipment motors for swing gates will be set up.

Automazioni Rimini chooses and sells the best automation in assembly kits of Italian production. In the catalogue, you will come across actuators for doors and gates, control units, and the various accessories essential to make complete do-it-yourself automation such as gates, doors and gates, chain lifts, and parking barriers. The warehouse comes with each component for the automation in kit form. Generally, they send the material within the next business day after receiving the purchase. With Automazioni Rimini, you have the chance to save a good deal of money by installing your automation yourself. From the kits, you will find definite and complete directions for a simple and secure assembly.

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