UV Printing: Serigraphie Sur Verre

There are many reasons as to the reasons UV screen printing is significantly more beneficial, be it for printing fabrics or other materials, such as serigraphie sur metal, plastic and so on. But not many know to opt for UV ink, because they don’t see the gap. Comparing to traditional inks, UV Ink may be very expensive when buying up front, but this is only the surface price. In reality, in the very long term UV ink could establish a lot more economical and economical investment also. How so, an individual may ask. Well, there are a number of factors. To start with, serigraphie sur metal and other smooth and difficult materials are most useful finished with UV ink. Because it doesn’t use any chemicals, it can effortlessly create images on nonporous materials, such as alloy, plastic and glass.

Certainly one of the many great things about UV Ink and serigraphie sur metal businesses is that it’s a nearly instant healing land. When exposed to light, the UV ink will nearly immediately fix, and also this, for screen-printers, will mean higher production in lesser period. It’s also a much more pliable compared to solvent based inks, which means that over-curing UV inks isn’t much of a problem. Of course, the number of fixing components available and the number of colors one needs to print could affect the production time also.

But, the system of screenprinting is different. Whether it really is to get Serigraphie Sur Metal, fabric or other materials, the process and the materials used will likely vary, and so will the price for the services. To get serigraphie sur metal and other hard surfaces, UV serigraphy can be used mainly. This technology helps in creating images on not just metal, but also on glasses and vinyl surfaces as well.

UV Ink does cost more than conventional solvent inks, however although it is so, it also does not require any solvent. Which means that in the long term, the UV printing process burns lesser ink, and thus saving money. These also do not dry on those displays, therefore doesn’t waste any extra ink, unlike water based inks.

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